Free Economy Institute

About institute

The activities
Free Economy institute
conducts its activities in the following areas:

Teaching economic theory in the tradition of the Austrian school of economics.


Popularization of Austrian economic theory among the masses.

права людини

Development of models for the implementation of Austrian economic theory in the life of modern society.

Our mission
We strive to show

to the widest possible circle of people that a free economy – the absence of taxes and government regulations – is a truly legal, ethical and humane system to organize a society, which ensures the fastest growth in the prosperity of all society members. We teach economics as the science of human action.

organization status
Free Economy institute -

independent organization that conducts its own business activity and independent accounting.


Implementation Models

An example of a model for Ukraine:

Reform Program “Free Economy”
Вiльна экономика
internal (personnel and management) and external.
own funds of the founders of the organization, contributions of companies, organizations and individuals.
The date of formation:
november 2016.
Main office:
Kyiv, Ukraine.