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On November 30, 2017 in the conference hall of the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, a round table discussion on the “Free Economic Reform Program” was held.

The Round Table Organizers:

  • The Free Economy Institute;
  • Public organization “Social movement for a free economy”.

A significant problem of the reform programs existing in Ukraine is the lack of a general picture of the future. During the round table, the participants considered a comprehensive reform program "Free Economy", developed by experts of The Free Economy Institute which finally offers a picture of the future for Ukraine.

The reform program - “Free Economy” is a description of the new social, political and economic structure of Ukraine, which:

  • covers all spheres of life of the country and the citizen;
  • contains a phased plan for the implementation of the proposed reforms;
  • has an economic assessment of reform over a five-year period;
  • offers a ready consolidated budget of Ukraine for each year of reform; 
  • includes a package of bills needed to implement reforms.

Representatives of political parties, people's deputies and deputies of local councils, heads of state structures, business representatives, independent experts and representatives of public organizations took part in The Round Table discussion.

During The Round Table a speech was given by Michael Chernyshev, Director of The Free Economy Institute, during which he presented the "Free Economy reform program".

The participants of The Round Table discussed the presented reform program, formulated proposals of what needs to be done and how to combine the efforts of specialists, the public and the authorities for the development of a successful country.

During the discussion of the current state of Ukraine the following point have been noted. Over the past four years in Ukraine per capita GDP has halved. To the level of the poorest countries in the world. The obvious reason for this is the fact that the state still has an oligarchic, corrupt and restraining system of government and administration. The development of the economy is hindered by the existence of a large number of state-owned enterprises, the incredible regulation of enterprises, the enormous tax pressure on business, and the unlimited power of law enforcement agencies. All attempts by the state to correct the economic situation lead to even greater pressure on business and citizens of Ukraine. As a result there is a lack of serious foreign investment in the Ukrainian economy, as well as a decrease in entrepreneurial activity and the impoverishment of the population, which has already begun to leave Ukraine, where they see no prospects for themselves and their children.

The Round Table participants agreed that for immediate correction of the current situation, reforms are really needed, a completely new look at the political, social and economic structure of Ukraine is needed. Because it’s stupid to do the same thing that before, but at the same time expecting a different result.

Following the discussion of the Free Economy reform program, The Round Table participants decided:

  1. Support the efforts of The Free Economy Institute regarding to the development of the "Free Economy reform program". Take into account the wishes of the participants in the discussion.
  2. Create a headquarters within the framework of the Public Organization for a Free Economy Public Organization to coordinate the activities of public, political and business organizations aimed at implementing the "Free Economy reform program".
  3. On behalf of the participants of Еhe Round Table send an appropriate appeal to the President, the Head of the Supreme Council and the Prime Minister of Ukraine. 



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