Free Economy Institute

Introductory word to the training course.

Today it is difficult for a person to find time to study something interesting and useful. This cognitive short course solves this problem. In just 90 minutes, you can learn all the most important things about economics. And also about what place you occupy in it and why.

Lectures are given by Michael Chernyshev, director of The Free Economy Institute.

Introduction (3 min.) Outline of the training course:

Lecture 1 ( min.) Wealth, Capital and Private Property:

Lecture 2 (7 min.) Division of Labor and Market Exchange:

Lecture 3 (10 min.) Manufacturing, man and the magic of profit:

Lecture 4 (18 min.) The ideal state:

Lecture 5 (11 min.) The Forgotten History of Money:

Lecture 6 (13 min.) Banks, Crises and Power:

Lecture 7 (17 min.) The laws of economics that everyone should know:

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