Free Economy Institute

In this course, you can learn how market economies and government regulations affect people's well-being.

You will learn what happens with your standard of living, when the state restricts imports and stimulates exports, protects hired workers from employers, sets price limits for products and introduces a minimum wage. You will find out how your life will change if the state suddenly stop to do all of this — if there are private courts, the police, the army, roads, medicine, education appear.

This training course, and the training at our institute as a whole, helps to get rid from many stereotypes and myths regarding wealth, poverty and the role of the state in ensuring a high standard of living.

The speaker is director of The Free Economy Institute Michael Chernyshev.

The cost of the course for one participant is 500 UAH.

Registration for participation in the training course at the link 

See you on Saturday, October 12 from 10:00 to 17:00 in the library of The Free Economy Institute of  - Kiev, st. Antonovich 33v, BC “MAXIM”, fl. 7, office 21. (Within 5 minutes walk from the metro station "Ploshcha Leo Tolstoy", "Palace of Sports" and "Olіmpіyska").

For more information, please contact: or through the messenger on the institute's facebook page:

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