Free Economy Institute

This is one of the five courses of the special curriculum on modern economic theory, which is organized by the Free Economy Institute. It is devoted to the basics of the functioning of a market economy and the role of state regulation in this process

The course took place on October 12, 2019 in the classroom of the library of The Free Economy Institute. Director of The Free Economy Institute Michael Chernyshev taught the course.

As a part of the training course, lectures were given and discussions were held on the following topics:

1. Market economy: what is it and how does it work

2. Government Regulation of the Economic: aid or oppression

3. Production of goods and services by the state: disappointing consequences

4. Taxation: a guarantee of well-being or impoverishments

5. Government industries without government custody: decline or rapid development

We are appreciated for all the students of this course for the fact that, as it turned out, you are not just interested in modern economic theory, but also found the opportunity to allocate a whole day - as much as eight hours of your time (this resource limited for each person) to understand all those “intricacies” of economic processes that surround us in everyday life. 

Special thanks to those who specially came to Kiev from other cities and even other countries (in particular from the USA) to listen to this course!

We sincerely appreciated you for your time, attention, interesting and informative questions! In our turn, we will try to ensure that the next training courses of this program are no less informative and impressive. See you at the next courses!


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