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Cash settlement

At the end of 2016, it can be stated that 3/4 of the population’s purchases are for cash. According to the NBU, cash withdrawals from ATMs are 2 times higher than payments made for non-cash purchases. And the total amount of cash withdrawn exceeds 1 trillion hryvnia.

Диаграмма. Данные по использованию платежных карт (источник - НБУ).


The volume of cash use is directly proportional to the level of the shadow economy, which will decrease over time. The biggest stimulating factor in the transition to cashless payments is the tax system itself, in which there is a direct tax on the transfer of money into cash. It is predicted that in the first year of the launch of the reform, cash payments will decrease by 50-70% and then will decrease gradually, along with the growing possibility of cashless payments in transport, markets and other places of trade.