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Reserve army

In the event of a protracted military conflict, a national military reserve must be deployed. As a national military reserve are used:

  • Reservists - citizens who own their own small arms (machine guns, sniper rifles), specialists with control of modern high-tech weapons and equipment, as well as persons who previously served in the professional army of Ukraine. Such citizens take part in exercises twice a year, where they develop and improve their weapons skills and the skills to control appropriate equipment and weapons. At these meetings, reservists are working out action plans in the event of a military invasion of the aggressor. Reservists own by small arms, the equipment are bought on their own money.
  • Law enforcement officers. Twice a year, on a rotational basis take part in exercises with reservists.

The military commissariats being reformed into specialized units and units that tasked with organizing and conducting year-round training and exercises for units and units of the reserve army — reservists and law enforcement officials. In the event of a military conflict, officers of military commissariats complete and head combat units and units of the reserve army, which consists of the citizens they brought.

In terms of the quality of armaments the speed of deployment and the readiness to conduct hostilities, the national military reserve far exceeds the voluntary battalions and the army of conscripts 2014-2017.

Estimated number of national reserve - 400 thousand people.