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Supreme Court


  • Located in the UK (or other honest jurisdiction). 
  • Judges are citizens of the United Kingdom (or other honest jurisdiction). After the eradication of corruption in the judicial system of Ukraine the court is transferred to the territory of Ukraine with the replacement of judges by citizens of Ukraine.
  • Funded from the central budget of Ukraine and the parties.
  • Performs the functions of the constitutional, supreme and cassation courts.
  • The court decision leads to the release, deprivation of the right to judicial activity and criminal prosecution of lower courts, the decisions of which were canceled by the Supreme Court with a resolution that the lower court (courts) issued an illegal decision in advance.
  • When the Supreme Court of Ukraine returns to the territory of Ukraine, the appointment of judges of the Supreme Court of Ukraine is carried out using the procedure described in the section "General Provisions of the Reform of the Judicial System".