Free Economy Institute
General provisions for judicial reform (not applicable to private courts)
  • Judges have one of the highest salaries in the country.
  • Maximum transparency of the work of judges. Video fixing of court hearings is enabled by default.
  • Using of electronic technologies for document management, adjudication, election of judges and their recall (referendum on no confidence in judges).
  • Procedure for the appointment of judges:
      1. Qualification requirements for judges formulated in the Constitution and law of Ukraine.
      2. When a vacant judge appears a competition is announced and all comers within 30 days submit applications for inclusion in the list of candidates for the post of judge.
      3. Within 60 days all applications for the post of judge get in the public domain and checked by active citizens for compliance with the qualification requirements for this vacant post. If a candidate is identified it does not meet the qualification requirements the candidacy of such a candidate is excluded from the list of candidates by a court decision on the appropriate appeal of any citizen of Ukraine.
      4. Among the remaining candidates in the list after such verification an open lottery is held. With the help of which a candidate is selected to occupy an existing vacancy.