Free Economy Institute
Fiscal policy
  • Maximum simplification of the tax system and tax administration system.
  • Brand new tax system.
  • A sharp reduction in the level of redistribution through public finances to the level of 30-32% of GDP at the beginning. Achieved through the abolition of taxes in budget expenditures and the reduction of some state functions.
  • Reducing the level of redistribution through public finances in subsequent years. This is achieved through the launch of structural reforms in the public sector, the transfer of some of the functions of the state to the business segment, the containment of government spending against the backdrop of rapid economic growth, and the effective refinement of the economy. The section “Evaluation of the New Economic Policy in a Five-Year Perspective” presents a five-year forecast of state revenues and expenses.
  • Reduction in public debt in relation to GDP. Achieved through the formation of surplus budgets three years after the launch of the reform. And also due to GDP growth with constant public debt.