Free Economy Institute
Government Debt Policy

Work with public debt is an important part of the financial system of the state. During the economic crisis of 2014-2015 and the devaluation of the hryvnia that followed, the parameters of public debt significantly increased. As of 01.01.2017, the state debt consisted of 45 billion US dollars of external debts and 685 billion hryvnias of domestic debts. Their servicing in 2016 amounted to 99 billion hryvnias (34 billion hryvnias for servicing external debts and 65 billion hryvnias for servicing domestic debts). The bulk of external loans taken, except for commercial debts restructured in 2015, have low service rates. 


Проведенная реструктуризация и взятие новых кредитов в рамках программы МВФ передвинули пик внешних выплат на 2019-2020 годы.