Free Economy Institute
Social assistance to disabled citizens
  • State social assistance to disabled citizens is carried out targeted, on the basis of a verified unified database and only to the minimum extent necessary. 
  • Disability social assistance can be provided only to disabled citizens of Ukraine who have reached the age of majority. (The rules for providing social assistance to minors are described in the section “Happy childhood for all").
  • Approval of applications for social assistance for disability and verification of the relevant database is carried out by a specialized state commission and public medical commissions at local authorities.
  • Social assistance to disabled citizens is provided in the form of specialized monthly loans:
  1. pension loan (designed to meet the personal needs of the loan recipient);
  2. social loan (only possible as an addition to a pension loan and is intended to pay for the care of a loan recipient).
  • The size of the pension loan for disabled citizens and the interest rate on it coincide with the size of the pension loan and interest rates for citizens of retirement age. The size of the social loan and the interest rate on it are established by law and is the same for all its recipients.
  • The conditions and procedure for repaying a social loan coincides with the procedure and rules for repaying a pension loan, which are described in the section "Pension security".
  • A pension loan is issued from the central budget, by decision of a specialized state commission. Social credit is issued from the local budget, according to the decision of the public medical commission at the local government. 
  • The pension and social credit administration agents are banks. Therefore, all state social funds existing today are liquidated..
  • All non-monetary benefits and subsidies are canceled. All social assistance is provided exclusively in cash.
  • The liberation of the economy from tax oppression and state bureaucracy will lead to a sharp increase in the income of the working-age population. Which, in turn, will lead to the development of a volunteer movement and the provision of additional social assistance for disabled citizens in the form of charity.