Free Economy Institute

Private police

  • Hired, managed and funded by insurance companies. Private police officers act on the basis of human rights by all available means to protect their life, health and property, as well as the life, health and property of other citizens.
  • Doing its duties in the territory where relevant insurance companies provide services to their customers.

Municipal Police (Settlement Police)

  • The head of the municipal police is elected by direct vote of residents of a particular locality.
  • Municipal police are funded by a specific municipal budget and fulfill their duties on the territory of this locality in accordance with and within the laws of Ukraine.

National police

  • The head of the national police is elected (appointed) by the central governing bodies of Ukraine.
  • The National Police is funded by the central budget of Ukraine and acts in accordance with and within the laws of Ukraine.
  • The national police fulfills its obligations throughout Ukraine. Used to assist the municipal police and local governments, as well as the reserve of the armed forces.

General Police Provisions

For the sake of effective and reliable registration, prevention and investigation of offenses it is necessary to significantly improve the equipment of the police with technical means. First of all by means of video and audio fixation of offenses. The main purpose of this is to exclude the possibility of unreasonable accusations and holding a law enforcement officer liable for a citizen who has not committed offenses. The salaries of police officers are one of the highest in the country.