Free Economy Institute
Professional army
  • The army should not be big but really professional. It should consist of highly paid military personnel who are constantly training and studying, equipped with the most modern weapons and equipment. 
  • The main task of our army is to provide simultaneous protection of the borders of Ukraine along the entire length. This is not possible in the modern world. Moreover, if we take into account our geographical location. The task of the army should be to be as mobile as possible and, when the enemy invades, immediately inflict unacceptable harm on him, which for a long time will stop any intention of re-invading. Moreover, the losses of the Ukrainian army should be minimal. This should be achieved through the massive use of the most modern unmanned aerial vehicles, precision weapons and electronic warfare. And also through the use of an asymmetric war strategy.

Estimated number of professional army - from 50 to 100 thousand people.