Free Economy Institute
  • Mandatory registration of business entities is canceled. Which significantly simplifies business, attracts a wide mass of people to entrepreneurship and is an additional factor in the detailed economy. 
  • Canceled state monitoring of economic activity of enterprises. Everyone can file a lawsuit against a company that violates their rights. There are law enforcement agencies that, if necessary, are able to force the violator to comply with the relevant court decision. It's enough. No need to interfere with business and create a breeding ground for corruption.
  • The need to obtain permits for the extraction of mineral resources is abolished. It should be possible to purchase a plot of land at an open auction. If there are minerals on this plot of land, and their extraction is not prohibited by law, the land owner has the right to extract them without the need to obtain any permission for this. If the extraction of this type of minerals is subject to rent (according to the law), then the mining company (or land owner) pays this rent.
  • Legislation is being changed about: setting up enterprises, obtaining construction permits, connecting to the electricity supply system, registering property, obtaining loans, protecting investors, taxation, international trade, enforcing contracts, resolving insolvency (bankruptcy procedure). This will provide Ukraine with first place in the international ranking of ease of doing business - Doing Business Report. 
  • Municipal (local) budgets monthly (possibly daily) receive their statutory share of taxes automatically. Without any special orders from officials of the central government.