Free Economy Institute

The authors of this document set ambitious goals:

  • Get free the economy from government intervention.
  • Get rid of the main causes and sources of corruption.
  • Get reach a GDP level of 200 billion USD or more over 4-5 years.
  • Ensure a sharp increase in economic development and come out on top in terms of GDP growth in the world.
  • Take the first place in the world in terms of ease doing business and the index of economic freedom.

Of course achieving such goals requires extraordinary approaches and ideas. This document presents a new economic policy of the state which consists in radically simplifying the tax system and the tax administration system. A new look at structural reforms in the public sector is proposed according to the authors should be minimized with regard to functions.

The authors devoted a lot of time to calculations and modeling. As a result the document under the proposed new economic policy and structural reforms in the public sector presents a consolidated state budget balanced for a 5-year perspective.

Michael Chernyshev:

Danila Monin:

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Edition 56.